Making Your Own Figure Four Snare

Last week was busy  for the JENE fellows. Each of us was asked to complete a special project to learn a new wilderness survival skill. Carly split a log and turned it into a stove, Lila made an outdoor refrigerator using clay pots and sand to create evaporative cooling. Aryeh built a Pepsi can stove.

Lit Pepsi can stove

This tiny little stove is made out of two beverage cans fastened together. It is perfect for long back packing trips when low weight packs are critical.

Molly made a figure four snare. The snare, which gets it’s name from it’s distinctive shape, works like a trigger. The snare is used to prop up a dead weight or box to kill or trap unwanted creatures. It is made of three pieces of cut wood or sticks. With the help of cuts made into the wood, the pressure of the weight being propped up keeps the snare together.

If you take a look at the diagram below you can see that the pressure responsible for holding the three pieces together is centered at the point of the diagonal stick or the C joint as seen above. Joint B on the horizontal stick offers the diagonal stick a place to rest and the A joint keeps the horizontal and vertical sticks stuck together.

For a whittling novice, the cuts can be a bit tricky. After a week of failed attempts I finally got this bad boy to work, so don’t fret if it take a few tries.

Molly's figure four snare


Below are some detailed instructions on how to get this working in your garden. After a short lesson and help from these directions, Molly taught a group of 20 students how to make their very own snares. Now get whittling and enjoy!  Figure Four Snare Diagram and Directions

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