Chag Sameach!

Last week we had the pleasure of participating in a discussion led by our boss Gabe Goldman on the Jewish tradition of celebrating Passover. While most know the standard story of Passover in which the Jewish people were freed by Moses from slavery in Egypt, wandered around the desert for 40 years, and eventually made it to the Promised Land, the holiday is actually about much more than this. In our discussion, the themes below stood out at some of the most significant.

Children – The Seder service focuses in a big way on getting children involved and sparking their curiosity. The youngest reads questions aloud about the service. All are encouraged to keep asking questions and learning, and to not be satisfied with simple
answers. Add in a game at the end where the kids have to look for a missing piece of Matzo, and they’re hooked!

Agriculture – Most cultures have a springtime holiday. The sun is out after a long winter (well, maybe not in Southern California) and it’s time to celebrate! This holiday points out that it is now time to start planting and for life to start growing again.

Spring Cleaning – It’s true. Part of getting ready for Passover involves a thorough cleaning of your kitchen. This is in part to rid yourself of tempting bread items that are not kosher for Passover week, but it’s also to get ready for Spring. Often winter months
are spent pack-rat style, holed up inside. Passover allows for a much-needed cleaning.

So in honor of Passover, the JENE fellows took to tidying. We spent a whole morning cleaning out the kitchen, and then attacked an area that has been depraved of organization for far too long: the garden tool shed and work area. With a renewed promise to put tools back in their place after use, we are looking forward to a spring season full of questioning, growth, and cleanliness!


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